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kimitoboku_fan's Journal

A Kimi to Boku Fan Community
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Kimi to Boku
Kimi to Boku is a manga series by Hotta Kiichi which is serialized in Gangan. The series started as 4 koma panels focusing on Koichi and Akira. When the manga started serialization, the focus shifted to the kindergarten kids who have grown up and are now in high school. Koichi is their teacher.

A TV anime series started for Kimi to Boku in October 2011.

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About this community
Check out the intro post to the community. It's a masterlist of things you can find in this community. I will update the post with links to tags and so forth.

This is a Kimi to Boku fan community. Feel free to post fanwork (fics, fanart, icons, etc.), discussions, media downloads, and so forth! Please tag your entries and lock media posts.


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